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Frequently Asked Questions

Dennis J. Engel Giving Program

What happens to my donation?

Donations received are used to provide medication, supplies and staffing to support the continuing mission of the Charitable Pharmacy to see an increasing number of clients per year.

How do I donate?

Checks should be made payable to St Vincent De Paul Charitable Pharmacy. Address for mailing is 1125 Bank St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45214 or you can go to:

Is this tax deductible?

The Charitable Pharmacy is a 501C3 tax-exempt charity and donations are fully tax deductible.

Who can I contact with questions?

Questions can be phoned or emailed to Mike Espel, Pharmacy Director, at 513-562-8841 ext 266, or

Why donate to SVDP?

The Charitable Pharmacy helps people get their medication who, otherwise would do without. To qualify, expenses must equal or exceed income. The pharmacy delivers 8.00 worth of medication for every dollar donated.

How much should I donate?

The Charitable Pharmacy accepts donations in any amount, for example;

  • $5,000. could purchase enough insulin for 40 patients for 1 month,
  • $1,000. could provide enough rescue inhalers for 25 patients for one month,
  • $500. could provide enough glucose testing strips for 50 patients for one month,
  • $100. could provide a prescription for blood pressure medication for 10 patients for one month.

Who does my money help?

Our last resort pharmacy helps patients in need get their medications. Typical examples of the type of people helped would be those who have lost their jobs and become uninsured. Another example would be someone who works a low-income job, has no prescription coverage and high monthly prescription costs due to a chronic disease such as diabetes.

Why should I help a program in Cincinnati when there are people in need of help right here where I live and work?

Most cities do not have a free standing Charitable Pharmacy. Donating to this program allows the initiative to grow and increases the possibility that other areas will recognize the need and open.

Please Join us and make a difference!


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